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03 March 2013

Sonic Heavy Press Release

Mark Archer - Triangle E.P.

TITLE: Triangle E.P.
LABEL: Sonic Heavy Records
RELEASE DATE: 29th April 2013

Since it's inception Mark Archer has been integral to the evolution of UK's dance music culture. While treading a path from his underground roots in acid house under multiple guises, through sonic experiments with many genres and onto major chart success. The one underlying current that's remained present through this journey is his enduring interest in the Detroit Techno sound. 

The Triangle EP. Comprises 3 tracks that evoke as many separate angles. The brutally hard and driving opening title track immediately demands a response. It's rotating baseline sequence shifts up introducing familiar motor city sound motifs while remaining defined and innovative. The 4 to the floor beat filters out of existence half way through, only to return with renewed venom. The Future, is indeed an experiment in genre play. It's solid, focused 80's electro break is underpinned by a beautiful atmosphere that lifts the track while never undermining it's dance floor potential. 

The final track Pattern 27, is a Detroit tour de force and genuine statement. It's constantly phase shifting arpeggio and wonderful growling baseline offer a prelude to trademark futuristic strings that slowly emerge, exactly as you want them to. An ominous debut for Sonic Heavy Records.

Track List -

1. Triangle
2. The Future
3. Pattern 27

For more information on Mark Archer

Web: markarcher.co.uk
Label: sonicheavy.co.uk

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