Sonic Heavy Soul

The Paradise Reals - A Better World

Title / Artist: A Better World - The Paradise Reals 
Label: Sonic Heavy
Catalog No: SH019
Release Date: 01/06/22

1 - A Better World
2 - Neptune
3 - Dub for You

The latest release from The Paradise Reals is a 3 track Techno and Breakbeat trilogy.

‘A Better World’ is a return to the melody and atmosphere of producer Matt Jarrett’s previous work. An opening full of optimism and beauty that morphs and evolves towards a more bass heavy final third. 'Neptune' opens with a solid groove and Detroit style synth lines and melodies, moving towards a blissfull drop. This giving way as the groove slams back in, continuing in hypnotic fashion. a personal favorite. ‘Dub for You’ strikes a different chord as a solid 4/4 club beat. Full of distant dub sounds, driving swung rhythms and wicked drops. Another interesting change in style that showcases a diversity of sound and refusal to conform with each release.
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