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The Paradise Reals - Mother Earth

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Title / Artist: Mother Earth - The Paradise Reals 
Label: Sonic Heavy
Catalog No: SH015
Release Date: 14/05/21

1 - Earth People
2 - Mother Earth

Earth People / Mother Earth is the latest 2 track release from The Paradise Reals. An atmospheric mix of strings and organic timbre, with a deep driving rhythm at it's heart. Including narration from scientist Carl Sagan which serves as moving tribute and timely reminder of the importance of his work.

Producer Matt Jarrett delivers with a homage to early Warp Records sounds on opener 'Earth People' wanting to capture the solid club vibe that spurned his interest in music production and sound systems. The 2 track travels into more innovative territory and dramatic change of tone with 'Mother Earth' a cinematic, tribal journey that encompasses layered strings and driving 909 rhythms, a genuine hybrid.

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