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The Paradise Reals - Altered Ego Pt. 1

Behold - Altered Ego Pt. 1 from The Paradise Reals.

The Paradise Reals - More Love

The Paradise Reals - More Love

Title / Artist: More Love - The Paradise Reals
Label: Sonic Heavy Records
Catalog No: SH009
Release Date: TBA

1 - More Love (Original Mix)
2 - Love More (Rise Up Version)
3 - More Love (Iconic Mix)

More Love, an uplifting and evocative club anthem from The Paradise Reals. Previous release ‘Revolution’ set the stage demonstrating producer Matt Jarrett’s clear Techno and Dubwise influences with some classic deep vibes which all come to the fore in this release. A build of emotion and strings over snappy, chunky snares lead onto a pure arms in the air breakdown. Bass-heavy, funky and futuristic. Marking a new direction for 2019, that’s sure to be a big year for label Sonic Heavy.

The Second track Love More has all the hallmarks, the beautiful evolving sound that signify The Paradise Reals. Dubwise inspired breaks with movement rising towards an uplifting drop, a distinctive pulsing heavy bass note echos throughout, with ethereal supporting pads which enter this version at intervals lifting and emphasising the vocals supporting into the final third. Truly epic in length and scope. A future classic sound.

The third mix is iconic, with a slow build of layered Reese style bass-lines that grow in depth, onto a vocal chanting intro and devastating drop. This powerful club orientated track moves in all the right ways, filtered percussion, flanging bongos with the same funky snares of the original mix moving the track onwards and upwards.

The Paradise Reals

The Paradise Reals - Revolution

Label: Sonic Heavy Records
Catalog No: SH008
Release Date: Out Now -
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1 Revolution 
2 Revolution (Projection Mix)
3 Revolution (Tommy Mundell Soul-Lution Mix)
4 Revolution (Broken Spectrum Reconstruction)

'Revolution', A timely and much needed social commentary within a pounding bass-heavy icon for the dance-floors, featuring the vocal talents of singer songwriter Rachel Bernard. Plus 3 fantastic reconstructions from Broken Spectrum, Tommy Mundell and Matt Jarrett. Expect much more from this project in the near future with further singles and album soon to come.

The original mix opener starts as it means to go on with a mighty thunderclap and dub influenced dread-sounds washing over wave textures, leading into the vocal that rises up beautifully. The main chord pad carries this 'Ballad' along for the entire track, through a series of beautiful rises and transitions over a serious and heavy bass signal. A definitive Leftfield influence in a well constructed breakbeat journey.

The second track is a four to the floor deep techno monster that rises from nothing with a chorus of organ chords, supporting the base notes towards a vocal that filters up mysteriously. A classic Detroit dance-floor style string heralds the devastating drop carrying the track along into a tribal dance like final third full of emotive 909 drum machine pattern changes.

Tommy Mundell's remix is the third track. A true Paradise of sounds with his trademark rise and fall of rhythms and emotions, sounds drift in and out of focus over a thunderous deep bass carrying the track to an innovative mesh of sounds that act as a build to the final third, minimal and fully focused all at the same time.

The closing track is a lush remix from Broken Spectrum. A different take on the song from the original. Full of constantly changing drum patterns and expertly played bass with deftly programmed edits supporting this original breakbeat. Airy highs to deep sub notes fully surround the lister as this version transitions with stutter edits onto an ending guitar solo.

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Matt Jarrett - Album

Matt Jarrett is currently working on an album due for release early next year. Check back for details of live performances remixes and info on launch of our youtube channel Sonic Heavy Video.

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